The Self Care Journey

Self care is misunderstood. Culturally, we may be told that self care is a spa day, a rich dessert or a massage.  Many of us think its an escape from our lives.  

Imagine for a moment (from the past or perhaps your future) feeling energetic, passionate, authentic and peaceful.  Visualize each layer of who you are when you are your best self.  That is who you truly are!

On your self care journey you will explore each area of self.  Re-Connect with your goals or inspire some new ones.  Learn and practice techniques and strategies to create your Self Care Rituals.

The workshop is designed to leave you feeling inspired and relaxed.  Be prepared to explore your present self and future self with guided journal work.  Enjoy a 60 minute yoga session and experience breath exercises and mindfulness meditation.  

Coming January 2020

Your investment is $75

Pre-payment is required to reserve your place.


Cell: 604-308-6034

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