TMJ Treatment (Jaw)
60 min- $120
30 min- $68
including GST

Grinding, clenching, misalignment of the teeth, missing teeth or injury to the face or jaw can interrupt the balance of your bite.  Over time it can lead to pain and joint dysfunction.  This treatment helps reduce the compressive forces and muscular imbalances that contribute to pain, tooth wear and joint dysfunction.

Treatment is focused on the neck, jaw and face.  We will work on the chewing and facial muscles, the jaw joints and work to  relieve the pressure on your disc.  

Science shows that our nervous system plays a significant role in chronic pain.  Mindfulness, stress management techniques, and movement is an important part of your recovery from TMJ Disorder.  

Therapeutic Massage
60 min- $120
30 min- $68

Massage Therapy is a hands on treatment of muscles, joints and soft tissues which can help reduce pain and improve function.  Therapeutic massage appointments include history, assessment, treatment and home care recommendations.


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