• Angela Thompson

Ritual for Relaxation

Updated: Apr 25

#spreadwellness How do we recreate our self care rituals in the time of social distancing.

It has been over a month since massage therapy clinics have closed their door. We miss our massages, our gym, and our yoga classes. Life has changed significantly and our self care has become hand washing, face masks and "social distancing". Instead of having calming effects it seems to have increased our fear. We have this collective holding of breath. So, what are things that we can do right now to embrace rituals of relaxation for the mind, body, and spirit.

One of the things that is certain is that according to our nervous system, holding our breath is evidence of danger. So lets take a cleansing breath. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose. Spend a moment simply acknowledging the inhale and then exhale. Perhaps you can count the breath, eventually adding length to your exhale. Allow yourself to not over think it. This is your opportunity to communicate safety to the centre of your being.

This morning while I was tidying my kitchen I realized that I had a great sense of calm. What I noticed was that Spotify still thinks that this massage therapist wants to listen to relaxation music for 8 hours a day (and a lot of the time, I DO!). It actually inspired today's post. One of the most powerful parts of massage is the ritual. My advice to you is to find that that soft music that takes you away to a virtual massage appointment. Instead of booking in with me perhaps you book in with your partner and your children to give you the space to unwind. Picture the ritual of getting comfortable, letting your body soften and waiting for the experience to begin.

Our brain and nervous system are very powerful but it doesn't always discern truth from fiction. What we focus on has an effect on this control centre. What you can do is ritualize a sense of safety by staying in the present moment. Turn off the news, turn up the feel good music. Be here. Breathe. See you back here when the time is right.


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