Hi Everyone, I hope that you are staying well during this time of change and uncertainty.  I am happy that you found my website.   You can also check out my blog page or my Facebook page Angela Thompson Yoga & Massage Therapy for some of those self care tips.

Well since this is the "About Me" section let me share!  I had a 10 mm overbite when I was young.  This lead to jaw augmentation surgery and braces in my teens.  It wasn't until 2002 when I started the massage therapy program at WCCMT that I had the realization that massage therapy could be used to treat my jaw related issues.  I take as many courses as I can on the subject and have had success with my TMJ treatment techniques. 

Other fun things about me is that I became a yoga teacher when I was 42 years old.  I believe that movement is for every one.  I welcome all body types and know how to adapt for injuries and for curvy bodies.  I am a volunteer ClubFit coach with Special Olympics Fort St. John.  I love all things artsy and even gave Ice Carving a try since moving to FSJ.


Fort St. John, BC

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massage for TMJ Pain & Tension 


Cell: 604-308-6034

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